About Us

Buzz Brand Promotions was established in1983 in Christchurch, New Zealand. Formerly known as Mandeville Marketing we rebranded our business in 2015. Our core business is sourcing and custom branding anything that can be used as a promotional or branding tool when promoting your business, product or service. We have a huge amount of experience that we bring to the table including a vast network of international manufacturers which enables us to provide an awesome range of high quality products and attractive price points.

With over 32 years experience in the promotional industry, Buzz Brand Promotions can assist in locally souring and branding traditional promotional items with fast turnaround times averaging around 5-10 working days.

We also work with many of our clients on a regular basis developing, manufacturing and suppling bespoke advertising specialties for product launches, marketing campaigns, branded merchandise and events. Our network of contract manufacturers offshore, enables us to achieve our clients objectives in terms of product development, product delivery and budget. Check out some cool offshore production ideas with low minimums.